How to Create a 2013 Vision Board

What is a Vision Board?

A Vision Board is a creative, intuitive and powerful visual representation of who you are.  It’s like taking a snapshot of your inner fire and wisdom. A vision board will reflect your values and what resonates with you.  You are the creator of your own life. Enjoy it!

My 2008 Vision Board

My 2009 Vision Board

How to create a Vision Board

1. Select a time

Find a time of the year that inspires you. I encourage you to create a vision board at least once a year. I love to create my Vision Board on January 1st. The beginning of the year is an inspiring time when I feel compelled to renew my goals for the coming year. My husband and I religiously spend the first day of the year creating our vision board for the coming year.  Find you own perfect time!

2. Choose a location

Choose a place where  you feel comfortable and inspired. Make sure that you can spend some uninterrupted time to focus on your visioning process. Set up all the materials you will need to create the vision board (see below). Put on your favorite music, relax, and enjoy!

3. Select pictures/photos and words

Ask yourself the following questions: What is important for me? What are my deepest values? With those questions in mind, begin by looking through old magazines and select words, phrases or pictures that resonate with you. For instance, if your goal is to lose weight the coming year, select pictures of people exercising or photos of healthy meal.  Remember, there are no right or wrong pictures.  You can also add some photos of yourself and your family to make it more personal. Take as much time as feels right for you during the selection of the pictures. You will know when you have enough pictures. Trust your intuition.

4. Display the pictures on the poster board

Lay all pictures/photos/words on top of the poster board and begin arranging them. Be playful while you are grouping the pictures. Notice the pictures connecting with each other. Pay attention to the words you have selected.  Be curious and observe the messages which are unfolding from the grouping of the objects you selected.

5. Step back and contemplate your creation

Admire your art work.  What does this work say about you?  What have you noticed? Any surprises?  What have you learned?  What patterns have unfolded during the creation of this work?  What is missing?  Is there anything that you want to remove from the board? Notice and name the main areas of your art work. Add, delete or move things around the poster board until you are satisfied with the results. This is your artwork!  This is your life!  You can do it any way you want it!  Have fun!

6. Be specific

Once you have anchored the main areas of your work, write up specific statements in the present tense about the essence of what you want to attract into your life. For example, if you want to attract a partner you may write the following: I have a loving partner who is my soul mate. We love hiking, exercising and cooking together. We appreciate Jazz and love traveling. We have a great time together and we respect each other’s individuality. We love our jobs and we are extremely successful. We complement each other in many aspects. Our main focus is our family. At the same time, we support and encourage each other to take risks and follow our dreams. Focus on the essence of what you want from a partner and write as if you’re already with him/her.

7. Glue it all together

Once you are satisfied with the results of your creation, glue it all together and claim what you want by stating your intentions.

8. Create a game plan

Extract inspiring and compelling goals from your vision board. Write up realistic and “stretching” goals to implement your vision with specific time frames.

9. Place your vision board in a strategic place

Post your vision board in a place where you spend a lot of time. Your vision board is your reminder of your destination.

10. Find support

Create a support system or find someone (such as a coach) that will hold you accountable for the goals you established for yourself. It is most likely that self-defeating thoughts will arise when you are committed to change your life. Be fiercely vigilant of these negative thoughts and do not buy into them, as they will try to make you preserve the status quo and protect you from disappointments. Focus on your inspiring and compelling vision. Believe in your vision and implement your goals. Vision without action is wishful thinking!

Required materials

  • A variety of magazines (different interests)
  • Poster board
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Colorful markers
  • Imagination
  • Vision!

The beginning of the year is a great time to intentionally capture your soul, heart, mind and body’s desire in a Vision Board. You will be surprised how this creative process can capture your inner wisdom and surface the essence of the goals you would like to accomplish in 2013.

Best wishes for a 2013 filled with meaningful realizations!

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