Why Fired Up?

Thanks to: http://tinyurl.com/dancing-fire
Thanks to: http://tinyurl.com/dancing-fire

On Dec 2007, I was grieving the loss of my loving daddy. At the same time I lost my job, and I was engaging with a crazy job searching in a really bad economy. I was there running and giving my soul to this job searching. Every day I was feeling less and less powerful. I was feeling so miserable because I was desperate looking for something out there to fix my life and to fix my problems.  I got to a point where I could not even feel the ground underneath my feet. It was gone. It had evaporated.

The more I searched, the more I got out there, the more I got in touch with a fire that was burning inside of me for so many years. This fire was getting bigger than me! It started on my feet and was burning all the way up on my chest. The heat was getting so intense that it was time to take a look on where this fire was coming from. It turned out that this fire was a burning desire to really be who I am and do what I love to do.  There was no job out there that could put the fire off or that could give me any relief from the heat of the fire. There was no job out there that could fulfill the burning desire.  By slowing down and listening to the fire, I realized that the answers were within me. I realized that there was nothing that needed to be fixed. I connected with my inner power. I found resources and made the choice to create and manifest my deepest burning desire. I came back home!

It turned out that the life circumstances of grieving for the loss of my father, losing my job and connecting with the fire were great opportunities for me to evaluate and re-design my life.  Connecting to my fire was a huge turning point because that fire became my real job. Standing on that fire was the experience of who I am. I am the fire! I bring the fire wherever I go. That fire helped me to build my business, Fired Up Coaching. That fire helped me to trust who I am. That fire shows me that I am alive and that I am a breathing living human being that has a lot to offer to my family, to my co-workers, to you, to my Brazilian culture, to my American culture, and to anyone who dares to have a taste of their own fire.  That is the deal. I am inviting you to connect with your own fire. I will meet you there, and I will dance in the fire with you so you can also find and manifest your true calling on life like I did through my fire.

My fire started on my feet, burned up through my legs and through my chest, and I feel the fire on my gut right now.  I am inviting you to close your eyes for few minutes and place your hands on a part of your body where you can feel that fire burning. Feel the heat! Feel the movement! Notice the colors! When you are ready and connected to your fire, come back to the room and keep your hands on that area where you experienced your fire. This fire keeps you centered at the present moment.  It reminds you of who you are. It informs you what is important to you. It keeps you focus on your deepest values. It gives you the courage to take risks despite of fear. It helps you to envision and manifest what you want to do with your life. It informs you what feels right and what does not resonates with you. This fire inside you has a lot of wisdom so pay attention and listen to it!

I want you to know that is okay and essential to dance in the fire to create meaning in your life and to manifest your true calling because you are worth it. It is okay to dance in the fire because you only have this life to do it. If not now, when? Just do it! If you want a partner to dance in the fire with you to discover and manifest your true calling, I will dance with you!