Adult Life Coaching

Purpose: Reconnect people to their life’s purpose and passion.

Fired Up Coaching partners with adults in transition to reconnect them with their life’s purpose and passion.  In these individually designed coaching sessions, we’ll engage in a transformative process to align your spirit, heart, mind and body.  My intention is to empower you in creating a healthy lifestyle.  We partner to design your life structures that will result in letting go of the thoughts and behaviors that no longer serve you and create new ways of being that will attract the life you desire and deserve to live.


  • Feel fulfillment around your life and career.
  • Reconnect to your life’s purpose and passion.
  • Build understanding of life transitions.
  • Breakthrough limiting beliefs and expand life opportunities.
  • Plan and act in spite of fears to reach your goals.
  • Feel ease, joy and abundance by living the life you design.
  • Feel healthier, more energized and motivated.
  • Reignite the fire within.


  • 3 to 6 months
  • Weekly
  • 90 minutes