Senior Transition Coaching

Purpose: Ease transitions into new phases of life

Fired Up Coaching partners with older adults and their families to focus and empower them to create and live an independent, healthy and active lifestyle. In these individually designed sessions, we will engage with a variety of creative, vibrant and inspiring activities with the intention to exponentially maximize the wisdom they have within to promote cognitive/physical health, emotional engagement and wellness. We partner to re-ignite the fire within and help seniors rediscover, enjoy and embrace life. By recognizing life’s transitions as part of the natural process, we help older adults reconnect with meaning in their lives. The results are increased vitality, engagement and a greater connection to family, friends and community.


  • Build understanding of life transitions.
  • Help older adults to handle loss and sadness.
  • Create new perspectives and let go of limiting believes.
  • Explore new possibilities and make sense of new realities.
  • Incorporate and energize a new sense of self.
  • Optimize health, wellness, and vitality.
  • Connect and engage with self and others.
  • Encourage proactive healthy and integral life choices.


  • 3 to 6 months
  • Weekly
  • 90 minutes