Senior Workshops for Centers

Dancing Fitness

Purpose: Be Vibrant and Healthy

In these Dancing Fitness classes, residents will perform chair and standing stretching and fitness exercises while dancing to vibrant Brazilian rhythms. In addition, residents will perform free flowing chair dancing taking turns to lead the way. The class ends with classic American songs, during which residents sing along and dance with the instructor, staff or other residents.


  • Optimize health, wellness, and vitality.
  • Connect and engage with self and others.
  • Fuel body, heart and soul with joyful energy.
  • Stimulate creativity and self expression.
  • Strength muscles.
  • Enhance balance.
  • Have fun.

Cognitive Games: Word Games

Purpose: Increase Cognitive Fitness Playing

In these cognitive fitness class, participants will exercise their minds and access their knowledge to select words starting with a randomly selected alphabet letter for pre-selected categories. In addition to the intellectual challenge, residents enjoy playing together and compete for a high score which is granted a symbolic prize.


  • Sharpen their cognitive function.
  • Stretch and recall their memory.
  • Engage and connect with community members.
  • Enjoy self and others.

Capturing Life Moments: Photo Adventure

Purpose: Capture life unfolding and share memories with the community.

Participants will engage in an exploration journey of their community. They will select a topic of their interest and will take indoor and outdoor digital photos of their community and community members. When taking the photos, they will also capture phrases, words and quotes from the community members which will be inserted on the slide show presentation with the photos selected.


  • Express creativity.
  • Increase knowledge and skill on taking digital photos.
  • Enhance the use of technology to express their interests.
  • Capture and share community memories.
  • Build relationships with community members.
  • Celebrate community members.
  • Have a expressive art created by community members.

Dialogue Group

Purpose: Engage older adults to explore a topic in an in-depth manner through inquiry and collective learning.

Dialogue is an effective process that can be used by groups who wish to explore a particular topic. The purpose of Dialogue is not to “solve” a problem or to come to a resolution.  Instead, the purpose is to explore a topic in an in-depth manner through inquiry and collective learning.  Group members are encouraged to deeply listen to themselves and others without judgment and to share their own thoughts and feelings.  Speaking without defense, blame, judgment, or seeking to convince creates an inviting atmosphere for others to feel safe to speak.  With an environment of openness and exploration, the creativity for diverse assumptions, ideas, and beliefs are revealed.  Members are also encouraged to explore the beliefs and assumptions that lie beneath their own expressed thoughts.  Through the process of thinking, listening, and exploring group members often experience insight and can reach a level of shared understanding and group learning.


  • Experience and learn about Inquiry-Based Dialogue.
  • Sharpen their listening, communication, and reflection skills.
  • Share ideas, insights, and experiences in a safe environment.
  • Gain new ideas and insights from others.