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“Valdete “Val” Lane has skillfully eased a miscellaneous dozen or so residents into sharing their life experiences – some printable, some not – and the lessons learned from them, into a delighful weekly hour we anticipate with pleasure. She has created a level of comraderie hoped for but rarely found in a senior living facility. And it’s infectious.” ~ Charles H. age 91.

” I went to Valdete’s “Sharing Wisdom” program out of curiosity, with tongue in cheek. It’s a catchy phrase. I take it too literally. Sharing, yes; but wisdom, no. We flatter ourselves if that is what we think we are imparting to the group, a most heterogeneous one. The hour is delightful because we all tend to “let our hair down”, and I am not exactly sure why. Valdete introduces a subject and we take it from there; each unabashedly sharing our thoughts, and all mulling them over. We leave with more than we came with; food for more thought.” ~ Charm H., age 91.

“Valdete is the MOST passionate woman I know about her living her own full, rich and inspired life and supporting others as a coach to live their dreams! What makes Valdete such a powerful woman and coach is that she doesn’t just dare to live her dreams in a fluffy sort of way; she has grit and determination to be with and create from the challenges that show up in life. Val stands out because she’s got a rare depth and range in her skill set that allows her to successfully meet you where you’re at and take you where you’re motivated to go. She’ll support you to see your strengths and motivate you to be your best in the most loving and enjoyable ways. Valdete is simply remarkable.” ~ Michele McHall

“Val helped me to get clear about the priorities in my life and to set goals for the areas where I wanted to be in balance. Since I have worked with her, I have moved toward greater balance and fulfillment in my life areas of spiritual, physical, social, and financial. Val has a gentle approach and delicately guides you through insight, discovery, and leads you to action.” ~ Julie Halsey

“Ever since I began the process of having a life coach, I have become much more in tune with who I want to become. Valdete has such a gift with people and she truly lifted me to another level that my career and my inner-self was craving. She showed me how to visualize what I want and about the necessary steps to achieve my goals.” ~ Lauren Crew

“I hold Valdete in the highest regard. In our work together, she challenged and supported my personal and professional growth every step of the way, was available and responsive whenever I requested feedback, and kept me moving in the direction I needed to go. I am a better person for my work with Valdete and I am grateful.” ~ Karen Pery